monumentPlymouth Hoe,  world famous as the place that Sir Francis Drake played bowls before sailing from Plymouth Sound to meet the Spanish Armada in 1558,  is home to the RAF & Allied Air Forces Monument

The monument, and this site, are both dedicated to those men and women who served in the Allied Air Forces during the period 1939-45, both in the air and on the ground. Within these pages you will find a description of the monument and it's activities and an outline of the role played by each of the major Allied Air Forces involved in the conflict.

Many airmen however were members of air branches or countries not mentioned on the monument or in other pages within this website. Britains Fleet Air Arm and Army Air Corps were involved with the allied air war. Nationals from as far afield as the islands of the Carribean , from Iceland and from Southern Ireland (Eire) served within the RAF. They all of course deserve our gratitude as much as the others, and if not included in hard facts inscribed on the face of the monument, they are most certainly included within it's spirit.

The face of the world map and it's politics also changes over a period of time, former colonies and Dominions of Britain are now fully independant countries, whilst the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) no longer exists, and today is represented by the Russian Federation.

It must also be emphasised that the monument, and this website exist solely to remember those who fought and died in this conflict. Neither the webmaster, nor the monument committee have any interest in, or opinions regarding the politics relating to the conflict, or the countries involved.

Please bear these points in mind whilst travelling through this site. If you have any useful information which could be added to the site please contact the webmaster