Way back on the Home page, it was stated that the purpose of this website, and the monument to which it relates, was to honour those men and women who served in the allied air forces between the years 1939 – 45, and I hope that the website at least, manages to do this. They rightly deserve to be honoured and remembered.

However, the Second World War was fought for reasons that were relevant then, and on the home page it also states that the face of the world map and it's politics changes over time, and world events continue to prove that this is true.

The enemy of more than sixty years ago are today respected members of the international community, and allies in present day conflicts. In general, and with notable exceptions, the enemy combatatants of the 1939-45 conflict fought for their country and their families, in much the same way that the combatants of the allied nations did.

It should also be remembered that the mothers, fathers, wives, daughters and sons of the enemy killed or wounded in action grieved as much as any allied airmans mother, father, wife, daughter or son.

Don Bennett in his epilogue stated:

"I have seen two great wars in my lifetime and after each I have seen the political cadres of almost every country in the world fritter away the opportunities which their warriors have created for them. After each war, I have seen the return of pessimism and of distrust – and the vitiation of human relations by intrigue, fear, greed and dishonesty."

He goes on to say that this needn't be, and he was right…………. let's hope that the politicians of the modern world heed his words.