Holloday V.









Vivian Holloday
Aircraftman 1st Class
Royal Air Force

Born: 13th October 1916
Ulceby, Lincolnshire United Kingdom

"The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the award of the GEORGE CROSS to the undermentioned: –

935282 Aircraftman First Class Vivian HOLLODAY.

One night in July, 1940, when returning to camp, this airman observed an aircraft crash and burst into flames. He immediately proceeded to the wreckage and made his way through the burning debris which was scattered over a wide area by the force of the impact. He found the pilot whose clothing was on fire, and put out the flames with his bare hands. Had the pilot not been killed instantly in the crash this action would in all probability have saved his life. During August, 1940, this airman was again returning to the camp when an aircraft suddenly spun to the ground and exploded. He immediately went to the crash and a second explosion occurred. Ammunition was exploding all the time but despite this, he borrowed a gas mask, wrapped two sacks over himself and spent some time in the flames, making four attempts before he succeeded in releasing the first occupant. He then re-entered the burning wreckage and successfully removed the second. All three occupants, However, were already dead. Aircraftman Hollowday displayed amazing courage and initiative on both occasions."