McClymont J.








John MacIntosh McClymont
Auxilliary Air Force

Born: 15th November 1903
Prestwich, United Kingdom

The citation for the award of the George Cross to Corporal mcClymont reads:

"The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the following Awards: —

The Medal of the Military Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, for Gallantry:—

874574 Corporal John Mclntosh McClymont, Auxiliary Air Force.

On the 18th January, 1940, an aircraft, with two occupants, crashed during a snowstorm and immediately caught fire. Several individuals ran to the scene and Corporal McClymont, who was one of the party, helped in extricating one of the airmen from the cabin. As the flames were increasing in intensity and ammunition and Very lights were continually exploding, all ranks were ordered to stand away from the aircraft. Corporal McClymont heard the order but considered it did not prevent a single-handed attempt being made to rescue the second occupant and remained behind for this purpose. An officer returned shortly to help him and, together, they succeeded in extricating -the airman just before the petrol tank exploded. During the second operation, whilst Corporal McClymont was holding back part of the cabin, he received injuries to his hands. He displayed great courage in the face of extreme danger and had the second airman been alive would undoubtedly have saved him from being burnt to death. Both occupants had, however, been killed instantaneously when the aircraft crashed."