Air Training Corps



The Air Training Corps was established by Royal Warrant in September 1940, and throughout the war years was the most important pre-service training organisation, providing the RAF and Fleet Air Arm with recruits who were "airminded" when they enlisted. The aim of the Corps is to promote and encourage among young people aged 13 – 22 years, a practicle interest in aviation and the RAF, to foster a spirit of adventure and to provide training which will be useful in the Service and in Civilian life.

The Air Cadet Organisation offers an aviation orientated academic programme, leadership and citizen training, air experience flying, glider training, micro-lighting, shooting, sports, adventurous training, international exchanges and participation in the Duke of Edinburghs Award Scheme.

The Corps has approximately 46,000 members nationwide and although it is no longer a recruiting organisation for the RAF, many cadets do choose careers in the service each year. In the year ending 1994, 60 % of pilots, 42 % of all commissioned RAF officers and 22 % of airmen were members of the Air Cadet Organisation.

further information regarding membership of the Air Training Corps can be found by visiting it's website here