Dinwoodie H.








Hubert Dinwoodie
Squadron Leader
Royal Air Force

Born: 24th March 1896
Christchurch, United kingdom

On the 20th August, 1945, German high explosive aircraft bombs were being loaded into vessels at Lubeck for disposal at sea, and two train loads of bombs were drawn into the quay side. Loading into barges was in progress, when a 50 kilogram bomb was accidentally dropped a distance of about four feet by the German loading party. The bomb exploded, killing 6 persons and injuring twelve.

Squadron Leader Dinwoodie and corporal Garred were sent at once to Lubeck, to report on the situation and, if possible, to clear the dangerous missiles. Despite the very considerable risk involved, Squadron Leader Dinwoodie and Corporal Garred proceeded to defuse one of the bombs in an attempt to discover the cause of the explosion. They found that the accident was due to defective German workmanship or design.

With extreme care, Squadron Leader Dinwoodie, assisted by Corporal Garred, rendered the eleven bombs safe. From the information obtained by them, it was possible to minimise the danger and clear the trains. The docks at Lubeck are situated in the centre of the town, therefore the explosion of the contents of the trains would inevitably have wrecked the whole area and caused many casualties. Throughout the operation, Squadron Leader Dinwoodie displayed cold blooded heroism and initiative in extremely critical circumstances.