Spooner K.G








Kenneth Gerald Spooner
Leading Aircraftman
Royal Canadian Air Force

Born: 24th May 1922
Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada

The citation for the award of the George Cross to Leading Aircraftman Spooner reads:

"This airman, a student Navigator with no pilot training, displayed great courage, resolution and unselfishness in the face of harassing circumstances when the pilot of the aircraft fainted at the controls. While other crew members were vainly trying to remove him from his seat he temporarily regained consciousness and froze on the controls, causing the aircraft to lose altitude rapidly.

Immediately after the pilot became indisposed L.A.C. Spooner, with extreme coolness and courage assumed charge, ordered the remainder of the crew to bail out while he took over the controls and endeavoured to keep the aircraft at a safe height. Three members of the crew bailed out as instructed and shortly after the aircraft crashed carrying the unconscious pilot and L.A.C. Spooner to their death.

The crash occurred approximately one hour after the pilot had lost control. This airman, with complete disregard for his personal safety and in conformity with the highest tradition of the Service sacrificed his life in order to save the lives of his comrades."